Eleni Koubi combines traditional Greek dress with the beauty of summers in Greece throughout the entirety of the line to create an effortlessly elegant and feminine style. Each piece is created with the highest quality materials, sourcing natural silks, cottons, and more as frequently as possible. The line is based and lovingly designed in house in Greece, and each piece is crafted in Italy.
Tradition and modern fashion collide in the pieces making up the Eleni Koubi line. Greece’s rich history is infused into pieces for the modern woman with a bold statement and splashes of color and a nod to international vintage. The line is an ode, a love letter, to what has gone before, what is, and what fashion will become.
The line is named for the woman behind the designs, Eleni Koubi. She lives and was born and raised on a small Greek island. As she grew up, her parents were avid readers of history with a love for traditional costume. Eleni quickly fell in love with fashion and the costumes of her culture and history. On her small island, she was surrounded by Greece’s natural beauty, which instilled a lasting and profound passion for the summer months. It inspired in her a sense of freedom and listlessness—a season that not only accepted a slower pace but invited it. Creating a link between fashion, tradition, history, and summer is at the heart of the Eleni Koubi line.
Clothing was always a way for Eleni to express and empower herself, an outward way of stating: this is who I am. Wearing beautiful clothes has always emboldened her, but she wanted to be a part of making others feel just as beautiful and alive, like they could walk the runway alongside the world’s most confident models. After receiving her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, Eleni spent two years designing patterns in Athens to gain experience, learn the trade, and be immersed in the fashion industry. In 2021, she decided to launch her own line focusing on creating ready to wear pieces for women embracing traditional Greek costumes inspired by summer’s beauty and essence.
Eleni Koubi clothing and accessories are designed to make an impact. Not only an impact on the woman who wears them but an impact for those who see her. It evokes feelings of nostalgia and excitement as it’s rooted in Greek history, inspired by the essence of summer, and made for confidence. With impeccable customer service, incredible quality, and custom packaging, it is a line sure to become a new and lasting favorite.